Website Audit

Are you making the most of your website?

Your website may look fantastic, but is everything as it should be behind the scenes? Your website should be accessible to all user groups. Not only because it makes good business sense, but in order to fulfil your legal requirements. Failure to ensure your site meets certain standards could result in a hefty fine, but how do you know where your site fails and what areas need improvement? Our website auditing service will review your site in depth to identify potential issues.

We evaluate visibility, meta data, content, links, images, semantics and speed and send our findings to you in a comprehensive, clear, concise report.

Having a site audit performed on your website helps you to identify the SEO (search engine optimisation) health and any problem areas of a website. We look for errors relating to visibility, meta data, links, content, images and more and provide an overall audit score that reflects how well your website performs.

Should you opt for audits to be regularly repeated, each future audit will show performance changes versus the previous audit, enabling you to easily track the ongoing optimisation of your website.

We will audit up to 1,000 pages of any website, reporting on the following data points:

  • Pages blocked by robots.txt
  • 404 (page not found) errors
  • 301 (redirection) errors
  • Broken internal links
  • Broken external links
  • Links with the “nofollow” attribute
  • Duplicate page titles
  • Duplicate meta descriptions
  • Duplicate pages

What Your Site Audit Report Will Show

  • Visibility problems, such as blocked pages and rogue redirects
  • Meta data that’s missing, duplicated or too long
  • Content issues, such as duplicate content or pages with low word counts
  • Links that are broken or nofollow
  • Images that are missing ALT and Title text or are broken
  • Pages that don’t use structured data
  • Page speed issues

Please Contact Us to arrange an audit on your website. You may be surprised at what can still be done to improve things.

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