Nice to see you again Mr Smith

Wouldn't it be great if any one of your staff members could identify and greet by name every one of your customers when they call at your premises or on the telephone. Even better if they could remember what they've previously bought or shown an interest in, their contact details and even their birthday.

Personalisation of your website content has the effect of making your website easier to use for your repeat customers - improving customer loyaly and encouraging repeat orders.

By detecting your IP address from the data sent by your browser to every website you visit, we can determine your location:

  • IP address:
  • Country: US

Not only can we detect the country you are connecting from, your location can also be isolated to a precise latitude and longitude, from which we can:

  • Extrapolate your nearest city
  • Redirect you to, or advise you about location-specific contents
  • Localise your session to your local language, units of measurement etc.
  • Show you the nearest office, store, or branch to your location

If you had registered with us previously (and given us permission to do so) we could welcome you by name and automatically load your contact details and preferences - How could you use this technology on your website?

Some of our fantastic clients

  • Ametek Inc. Pennsylvania, USA
  • Disclosure Services, Wrexham, UK
  • Justice Direct, Manchester, UK
  • Redtooth Poker, Derbyshire, UK
  • Simply Manuka, Denbighshire, UK
  • Warwick Hall Cars, Manchester, UK